Graduates – Founders Institute Stockholm 2019

Founders Institute Stockholm – Graduates batch 1 2019


Joakim Sjölund (Maiyak), Daniel Sjöstedt (Tibni), Matt Broniarek (Finmate), Chris Knight (Clokka), Vera Nikolova (Nordic Netimpact), and Anders Lindlöf (FI Director, Stockholm). Graduation ceremony held at SUP46



Graduated Founders / Companies


 Company  Founder  Company description  Grant

Chris Knight


 Safest way to buy/sell luxury watches  100.000 SEK
 Tibni  Daniel Sjöstedt  Markeplace for sub-contractors within the   construction industry  75.000 SEK
 Maiyak  Joakim Sjölund  Maiyak help people to invest wiser in private   companies by equity or debt. We empower the   customer with tools to find, study and   compare   investment opportunities.  75.000 SEK
 Finmate  Matt Broniarek  Building Fintech solutions as easy as online   shopping
 Nordic Netimpact  Vera Nikolova  Provides a solution for big company experts to   help startups



About Founders Institute

The Founder Institute is an American business incubator, entrepreneur training and startup launch program that was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2009. Although based in Silicon Valley, The Founder Institute maintains chapters in over 180 cities and more than 65 different nations across the globe Wikipedia. 

The team in Stockholm is run by Joel Sunnerhall and Anders Lindlöf